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Top 5 Must Visit Places in Huntsville Texas

Huntsville is the county headquarters of Walker County and a city in Texas. The city with a population of just 40,000 is a popular tourist attraction. Situated to the north of the state capital of Houston, Huntsville lies between on Interstate 45 somewhat between Dallas and Houston. Apart from being a significant academic and commercial hub in Texas, the city has numerous sites and structures that attract tourists from near and far. Some of these sightseeing attractions include the Sam Houston Memorial Museum, Sam Houston Woodland Home, and Huntsville Historic District to name a few.  Five of the top must visit places are mentioned below.

  1. Sam Houston Memorial Museum Complex

The memorial complex where Sam Houston used to stay with his wife Margaret Houston is an archetypal log cabin. The residence constructed in 1848 mostly out of logs mirrors the dog-trot architectural style that facilitated in good air-circulation. Sam Houston used to live in this house with his family before he shifted to the official residence allotted to him following his election as the governor of Texas.

  1. Hearts Veterans Museum of Texas

This museum is dedicated to war veterans of USA and one can see a range of items used by them displayed outside the archival building including fighter jets and helicopters. There are a lot of things and artifacts preserved inside the museum that is worth viewing. The museum is one of the most popular visited sites within the city for both outsiders and residents.

  1. Huntsville Historic District

Standing on the main boulevard of the Huntsville Historic District, one gets transported back in time. You’ll be able to identify a series of buildings having historical and/or architectural relevance. Don’t miss taking a peek inside the Henry Opera House. There are regular shows which are held during the day for the visitors.

  1. Huntsville Courthouse Square

People started putting up base in Huntsville following the establishment of a trading platform or post by Ephraim Gray in the year 1836. The courthouse that you presently see is the 5th edition as the previous structures were burnt by fire or destroyed due to natural calamities. Visiting this place takes you back in the history and can be an experience in itself.

  1. Texas Prison Museum

Huntsville has a total of 8 prisons located near the Interstate 45 highway.  No wonder then Huntsville is the home county of Texas’s Department of Criminal Justice. The tour starts from the prison museum and ends at the graveyard of the penal complex. It can be a pretty exciting adventure for people coming to the city from outside. Even among locals, this is quite a popular tour.

The above are some of the popular places to be at when in this city. The city has all the advanced amenities with good quality restaurants and hotels too. Also, residents living in this area have a number of quality service providers for all important necessities. These include home builders, post frame building, construction companies, cab service providers and almost every basic service one might think of.


The craze of watching games in a ballpark instead of watching it on a TV

Only a true baseball fan understands the importance of a ballpark to the game of baseball. There are huge numbers of fans who are psyched to watch baseball parks rather than watching their favorite team. The sheer beauty of a ballpark and its larger than life ambience makes the day for any baseball fan. If the ballpark is not maintained properly and it is not kept in a good condition then ultimately the game has to suffer. People choose to be in real action instead of watching the game in TV because of the facilities provided in the park.

But there are advantages and disadvantages in everything; same applies to the ballparks as well. The biggest disadvantage that one would suffer is the cost of tickets and the location of seats. The view depends on the location of seats and if one gets a seat 60 rows back then he would not be able to follow the game clearly. Sitting in the front seat gives a nice view of the live game and one can cheer their team with ease. Watching the games in a major league is quite thrilling and nothing can replace the excitement of a live game. Watching your favorite teams play in a nice sunny day makes the game even better since you don’t need to deal with any disturbance.

Baseball fields are very large and one needs the right infrastructure to maintain it for a long time. Cutting the grass properly, keeping the seats well maintained and providing the right facilities for food are some of the important points that one needs to keep in mind. Before any major league the ground needs to be renovated and it should be given an exciting look to attract the fans towards the ballpark.

Ballparks and their importance to the game  

Mentioning the very word ‘ballpark’ or ‘ballparks’ reminds you of the baseball parks, arenas, and stadiums that are major converging and melting points for the baseball teams and their respective fans. Each and every baseball park or rather ballpark in the US is not only an embodiment of the local sporting community representing both sportsmen and game enthusiasts but is also unique in some way or the other. For instance, the Mile High City stadium sits at a staggering height of 5,280 feet above sea level offering fans a spectacular view of the Rocky Mountains and a bird’s eye view of the LoDo neighborhood.

Moving over to the Citi Field Stadium in New York City, one is treated to an awe-aspiring view of the sun-kissed rotunda dedicated to Jackie Robinson-the Brooklyn slugger. The stadium also is a gourmet’s delight where one can treat his or her tastebuds to some heavenly food including succulent ribs served by Blue Smoke; Creole chicken, pepperoni, jalapeno pizza, and delicious Italian sausage from New Boots. Round off your meal by choosing from an array of 60 different kinds of beers, including local varieties. There are numerous other ballparks in USA that are endowed with a touch of uniqueness including but not limited to Oriole Park at Camden Yards, AT &T Parks in San Francisco, Comerica Park in Detroit, and the Yankee Stadium in New York.

The word ‘ballpark’ has also spawned a suite of phrases and idioms and the connotation of one is as remarkable as the other. Each of this idiomatic expression is somehow linked with the most popular sport in the US. Take for instance, hit (something) out of the (ball) park which means to do something exceedingly well. What about a ‘ballpark figure’ which means almost the same as ‘ballpark estimate’? The following expressions-‘in the ballpark, ‘out of the ballpark’ and ‘in the same ballpark’ are closely related in terms of implications.

Maintaining the beauty of a ballpark through innovative techniques

Baseball is a popular game in the States and almost every region has its separate ballparks. Huge amount of fans come here to cheer for their favorite teams and have a nice time. No matter how many times you visit a ballpark, every time you go there you are mesmerized with its beautiful infrastructure. The mowed grass of the stadiums imparts a checkerboard or stripes appearance for adding flair to the field.

The question is how the ground staffs do manage to obtain such remarkably stylish patterns out of the grasses. Some people attribute this remarkable phenomenon to mowing of grasses at various heights while some suggest that it is due application of artificial color dyes. Unfortunately, neither of these guesses is accurate. Although it cannot be denied that sunlight does play an important role but overall it is the culmination of the hardworking efforts of the field staffs.

It is actually those ballpark staffs who play a vital role in bending the field grasses in a specific manner through mowing them in various directions. You might be familiar with the term called lawn striping where you need to mow your lawn for two times for complete trimming of grasses in a straight manner which ultimately leads to the formation of checkerboard pattern. This similar approach is adopted by the grounds men of ballparks too.

For the purpose of creating uniqueness in their patterns, several grounds keepers use lawn roller apart from the traditional reel mowers. This lawn roller is attached at the back of the mower blades for the purpose of further bending down of the field grasses. At the same time, they retain optimum heights of these grasses to obtain the desired impact.


Some of the most important qualities of a good ballpark

Fans always like to see their team win and go in huge numbers to support their favorite team. It is important for a good ballpark to provide all the facilities that makes it comfortable and enjoyable for the crowd. Having good facilities to eat and drink along with nice music makes a ballpark one of the best. Along with all these facilities there is one important part that needs to be there in every stadium and that is good car parking facility. Fans come in large numbers during the matches and it is important for the authorities to manage the crowd and get the car parked at the right place.

Recently a survey was done on some of the best ballparks of 2016 and Melaleuca Field came up as the winner. When the crowd was asked about the stadiums around US most of them were in support of Melaleuca because of the facilities and comfort that it provides to the fans. Some of the other ballparks were:

  • Dehler Park
  • Pioneer Park
  • Calfee Park
  • Centene stadium
  • Bowen Field
  • Lindquist Field
  • Burlington Athletic Stadium
  • Kindrick field

People will enjoy the game only if they have the right place and facilities to see it. Even the players need good ballparks where they can practice hard and play the game. The grass needs to be cut and kept in nice shape. The ground should not be uneven at places and the players should have a nice play to sit when they are there. All the things need to be kept in mind while maintaining the ball park. It is never an easy job and it can be really difficult for the authorities, but to have a good game one has to have the ground ready at the right time.